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Hong Kong Update: Travellers who meet specific criteria will be exempt from compulsory quarantine arrangement

Government to issue more details and conditions of exemption

The Hong Kong Government announced on 2 June 2020 that it is considering the gradual relaxation of compulsory quarantine requirements for certain travellers “arriving from specific countries and places after assessing the relevant public health risks.”

In the same media announcement, the Government said entry restrictions will remain in place until 7 July 2020 for travellers from Macau, Taiwan and mainland China, and 18 September 2020 for travellers from other countries and regions. Unless they satisfy certain eligibility criteria, arrivals from these places will be subject to the mandatory two-week quarantine period in Hong Kong.

Among the amendments to the Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation (Cap. 599C) and the Compulsory Quarantine of Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation (Cap. 599E) is a mechanism that will empower the Secretary for Food and Health (SFH) to specify two categories of places, namely:

(a) For Category 1-specified places, those persons will be subject to compulsory quarantine arrangements; or

(b) For Category 2-specified places, those persons will be excluded from the requirements in respect of the compulsory quarantine arrangements subject to meeting certain conditions (such as obtaining a negative COVID-19 test result).

The criteria to exempt travellers from the quarantine requirement will also be expanded to people whose trip “is necessary for purposes relating to manufacturing operations, business activities or the provision of professional services in the interest of Hong Kong’s economic development, and thus be aligned with relevant provisions under Cap. 599C.”

In light of this recent announcement and its potential impact on your participation in SEASONS | Autumn – Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair in September, Informa Markets – Jewellery will continue to monitor the situation and share details on Hong Kong’s entry regulations when they become available.

At the same time, we are working on potential alternatives that will enable us to deliver the B2B experience that you expect and deserve in a safe environment before the end of the year. 

We will get back to you with more information in the coming weeks. Until then, let’s all stay strong together! 



We are working closely with our partners to implement the following measures onsite to ensure a safe and productive business environment for our trade fair attendees and staff. Stay tuned for more updates.


• Provision of hand sanitizer stations at main Entrances, Public Circulated Area, Customer Service Counter and Washrooms,
• Handrails, doors and handles, lift’s keypads, etc. are disinfected by diluted bleach (1:49) and disinfectant agent every hour,
• Washrooms are disinfected by diluted bleach (1:49) and disinfectant agent every hour. Disposable hand towels and sanitising liquid soap are available at Washrooms,
• Rubbish bins are disinfected by diluted bleach (1:49) and disinfectant agent every three hour,
• With liaison with organiser, temperature measurements are conducted at control points,
• Staff are required to measure their body temperature daily prior to reporting to duty and wear surgical masks during work,
• Suspension of overseas & Mainland business trip for AWE Staff,
• AWE Staff, Organiser’s staff, Contractors or any of their family members and close contacts who in the past 14 days had been to countries or regions with quarantine orders issued by Hong Kong’s Department of Health, should inform AWE and self-isolated for 14 days,
• Organiser’s staff and Contractors are required to measure their body temperature, complete the Declaration Form prior to entering the venue and wear surgical masks during work,
• Advices from the Centre for Health Protection are enacted and on display at main Entrances.


In addition to following health authorities’ recommendations, we encourage everyone to keep tabs on updates from the following resources with information on COVID-19:

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

World Health Organization: Daily Situation Reports

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: What You Should Know

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Prevention and Treatment

European Commission

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

An agency of the European Union

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